Strategies to Control Environmental Damage

Many environmentalist and scientist are working to make certain strategies to reduce environmental pollution. In addition to solid waste which we see in our household garbage bins, there are medical, industrial, agricultural and mining wastes. Environment is polluted mostly by improper disposal of waste. Therefore there is a need to keep a check over waste disposal.

Environmental problems are so diverse and diffused that virtually any activity of civilization interacts with the environment. Many environmental pollution problems are local in character and they can be controlled by creating environmental consciousness in each and every citizen. People should be told about the importance of clean atmosphere as well as about the consequences of different types of environmental pollutions. Besides, action is also needed at national level and guidelines may be established internationally by the United Nations Joint Committee of Experts.

  • Recycling
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Green Chemistry
  • Basic Aims of Green Chemistry
  • Anaerobic Septic Tank Treatment